Health Wonk Review #11 Submissions

Do you need more exposure for your health policy blog?  Do you have valuable insights on health policy that you believe the public needs to hear?  If so, here is the perfect avenue for you…

Healthcare Economist will be the host the Health Wonk Review #11.  The Health Wonk Review is “the best of the best”: the best blog postings from the brightest health policy minds on the web!  Please submit your posts through The Medical Blog Network (TMBN) or email me directly.  Submissions are due by Wednesday, July 12th at 9am EST.

To submit your posts through the TMBN website: click here.

If you wish to email your post of choice, please send an email to (jason.shafrin@gmail.com) with the following information:

  1. Your Name and Email Address
  2. The Name of your website and its web address
  3. The title of your post
  4. The web address of your post
  5. A brief (2-3 line) summary of its contents