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For Labor Economists, the Economist magazine has an interesting story (“The world of work“) of the Manpower corporation. Manpower is a global corporation with their headquarters located in my hometown of Milwaukee. If you look at the Fortune 500 list, Manpower can be found at number 136. Below is an excerpt from the beginning of the magazine’s piece:

“Manpower was founded in 1948 when two Milwaukee lawyers, spurred by their failure to find extra administrative help for an urgent legal brief, started a business to provide temporary staff. Today, as is clear from the many national flags that fly, somewhat incongruously, United Nations-style outside its otherwise nondescript headquarters off a suburban Milwaukee highway, the firm is truly global. It has 27,000 full-time employees working in 4,400 offices in 73 countries. It is from those countries that a picture of the changing world of work emerges.”