Mises Institute: ‘Medicare raises health care costs’

Many analysts believe that medical costs can be contained by having the government run the health care system. The Ludwig von Mises Institute disagrees with this; in fact they believe that while Medicare and Medicaid “…provided a basic welfare program that covers most persons aged 65 and older as well as all needy individuals,” these programs significantly raised the cost of medical care in the United States. The complete article (“Why is medical care so expensive?“) can be found here; an excerpt is below.

“The program [i.e.: Medicare and Medicaid] undoubtedly has saved lives as it has enabled elderly and poor people to receive medical treatment they were not able to afford on their own. It has raised the quality of living for many. But its sponsors completely ignore some undesirable consequences such as the soaring costs and the rising number of people who therefore choose to forego any health insurance coverage. “