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More Evidence Google is trying to rule the world

The Marshable Social Networking news site reported yesterday (“Google Health…“) that Google is developing a program which will store individual health information.  This is an area of significant need since a vast majority of physicians don’t have electronic records.  The article states:

“Codenamed ‘Weaver,’ the upcoming project will be a health information storage program. With initiatives to encourage communication between different medical organizations across locations, as well as the organizational ease that comes with accessing your own health care information online, Google’s health information storage program will address these needs and make patient information easier to find. It’s been noted that the Bush Administration has been pushing for the health care industry to convert records in a digital format.”

A NY Times article (“Google and Microsoft…“) gives more background on the Google’s and Microsoft’s plans.  Blogscoped, has some screen shots from the ‘Weaver’ project if you are interested.