FDA bans import of Indian Pharmaceuticals

Marketplace reports that the FDA has blocked sales from one of India’s largest drug producersRanbaxy Pharmaceuticals.  “It prevented sales of Ranbaxy’s generic versions of the antibiotic Cipro and the cholesterol pill Zocor.”

This begs the question: should the FDA put office in foreign countries?  On the one hand, it is important to ensure that imported drugs are safe.  However, FDA decisions to ban certain drugs could be influenced by protectionist concerns rather than patient health. 

Ajay Sahai, executive director of the Federation of Indian Export Organizations: “In many of the cases, Indian companies do have a case where they have been stopped by large companies present in the importing countries. They have tried to restrict the imports at whatever cost or citing whatever reason.”

Is the FDA doing a diligent job or protecting the safety of the U.S. drug supply, or is it engaged in protectionism.  Finding the true answer is exceedingly difficult.

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