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Will Obama’s Healthcare Reform Produce a Religous Revival?

Many of the healthcare reform bills  under consideration include an individual mandate.  If you don’t purchase health insurance you pay a fee.  For the Senate Finance Committee and Senate Health Committee, this penalty would be up to $750.  The House Version would assess the fee as 2.5 percent of adjusted gross income over a certain level ($18,700 for a couple).  However, in all cases, individuals with religious objections would be exempt from these penalties from not purchasing insurance.

Will Obama’s healthcare reform efforts produce a religious revival?  It’s doubtful, but the number of people who claim to have religious objections to avoid compliance with the individual mandate will rise.

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  1. The exemption from the excise tax is for members of non-insurance ministries called health care sharing ministries. You can find out more about them here:

    These are non-insurance charities that have over 100,000 members who are paying their own health care bills by sharing with one another. This innovative, affordable, faith-based approach is well loved by its members and we’re grateful that the Senate Finance committee included language so these 100,000+ folks have their religious liberty protected.

    James Lansberry
    Alliance of Health Care Sharing Ministries

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