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Healthcare Worker Demand: 2009 Q4 Data

How is the health care labor market in your area?  HWS Enterprises put together a gauge of the healthcare workforce labor demand throughout 30 large metropolitan regions in the United States.  The results for Q4 are available here.  The strongest healthcare labor markets are Sacramento, Riverside, Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Dallas.  The weakest is New York City.  My home, San Francisco, ranked 18th out the 30 large metro areas evaluated.

According to the Health Workforce Solutions’ press release:

The HWS Labor Market Pulse® Index (LMPI) provides a quarterly barometer of local market health care workforce expansion and contraction. Patterned loosely after the Case-Shiller home index and based on a proprietary algorithm, the LMPI identifies and enables comparison of 30 health care labor markets by tracking elements including temporary health workforce shortages and surpluses, facility and bed closures, announced layoffs and expansions, and local economic trends. The LMPI will be published quarterly as part of Labor Market Pulse® and distributed nationally to health care executives, the media and other interested parties.


  1. This is interesting, though it appears to omit important areas like, say, the Research Triangle in North Carolina. How good an index is this if it doesn’t include such an important center of medical work?

  2. Our firm, Health Workforce Solutions LLC, that developed the index, started with the largest Case-Shiller areas. Our plan is to extend it from the existing 30 to 36 sometime in the next quarter or two. Research Triangle will definitely be included. As it is, the LMPI provides a great leading indicator of near-term demand in 30 of the largest healthcare labor markets in the country.



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