Crestor as preventive medicine

You feel great.  You exercise regularly, eat well, and have no history of cholesterol problem.  Then you’re just the person who needs Crestor!   Why? Because Crestor not only treat high cholesterol, it also prevents the onset of cholesterol problems!  To keep your heart working as hard as you do, ask your doctor about Crestor.

After a recent FDA ruling, this type of ad may invade your television before too long.  Although Crestor was already approved for the treatment of individuals who have high cholesterol, the FDA recently approved the use of Crestor to prevent the onset of high cholesterol.  The New York Times reports: “Statins have been credited with saving thousands of lives every year with relatively few side effects, and some medical experts endorse the drug’s broader use. But for healthy people who would take statins largely as prevention — which would be the case for the new category of Crestor patients — other experts suggest the benefits may not outweigh any side effects.”

The expansion of the market for Crestor will greatly increase profits for AstraZeneca, just as expanding the market for Fosamax was a boon to the pharmaceutical market.  The question is, will it actually improve patient health?

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