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2010 Nobel Prize in Medicine

The 2010 Nobel Prize in Medicine went to Robert G. Edwards, the inventor of in vitro fertilization (IVF).  According to the Nobel Prize press release:

Robert Edwards is awarded the 2010 Nobel Prize for the development of human in vitro fertilization (IVF) therapy. His achievements have made it possible to treat infertility, a medical condition afflicting a large proportion of humanity including more than 10% of all couples worldwide.

As early as the 1950s, Edwards had the vision that IVF could be useful as a treatment for infertility. He worked systematically to realize his goal, discovered important principles for human fertilization, and succeeded in accomplishing fertilization of human egg cells in test tubes (or more precisely, cell culture dishes). His efforts were finally crowned by success on 25 July, 1978, when the world’s first “test tube baby” was born. During the following years, Edwards and his co-workers refined IVF technology and shared it with colleagues around the world.

Approximately four million individuals have so far been born following IVF. Many of them are now adult and some have already become parents. A new field of medicine has emerged, with Robert Edwards leading the process all the way from the fundamental discoveries to the current, successful IVF therapy. His contributions represent a milestone in the development of modern medicine.

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  1. One of the developers of in vitro fertilization, or In vitro fertilization treatments, has been granted the Nobel Prize. Dr. Robert Edwards helped develop the protocol and implanted the first embryo that was carried to term via I.V.F. fertility treatments.

    Pioneer of IVF treatment awarded Nobel PrizeHis prize comes with controversy, as the Vatican has condemned the use of I.V.F. treatments. The fertility treatment has expanded over the years.

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