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The Best Thanksgiving Medicine is…

Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers. On this holiday, I will highlight an inspiring quote from USA Today Editor Heidi Dezayas.  Mrs. Dezayas was recently diagnosed with diabetes.  What is she thankful for this year?

I’m thankful for all the advances in medicine. Years ago, the prognosis for someone with Type 1 wasn’t all that great. Today, I’m confident I will lead a normal, healthy life. 

I’m thankful for insulin pens that don’t require me to deal with syringes, mini needles and lancets that reduce pain and scarring at injection/prick sites, and communication technology that allows me to interact with my doctors in a way where I get immediate responses to my questions. 

The best medicine, however, can’t be found in a pharmacy or doctor’s office. My loved ones are my medicine of choice.

This thanksgiving, be thankful for any family you have.  They are certainly the best medicine around.

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