Does defensive medicine work?

Dr. Anupam B. Jena, a Harvard professor and colleague of mine at PHE, has an interesting interview at the Cunningham Group.  Dr. Jena discusses his study published in BMJ, which finds that higher resource use by physicians is associated with fewer malpractice claims.  In other words, defensive medicine “works” for physicians even if it may not be optimal for the health system as a whole.


Original Study:


  1. Thank you for the video I really enjoyed this! It’s insane how defensive medicine has such a crucial impact on either a suit can or can not happen. Something I wasn’t too sure about was that is this defensive medicine possible for health insurances as well? Could the insurance itself be in danger for a suit for these incidents and not just the practitioner? My webpage has information regarding how the benefits for health insurance can help patients and I was considering having information from this as a reference to add on.

  2. Great video! I was wondering so where do we draw the line between managed care and defensive medicine?

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