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Why people don’t like the Affordable Care Act?

The reason may be the exact problem that the ACA was trying to solve.  The ACA was trying to increase the affordability of health care.  They did this in part through the creation of the exchanges and patient subsidies.  However, premium rises have been double digits for multiple years and amount patients have to cover out-of-pocket has increased as well.  A survey by Jacobs and Mettler find:

 On the one hand, a growing share of the public harbor unfavorable views of the ACA as a whole, and proponents of repeal have seized on this dissatisfaction to claim a popular mandate. On the other hand, the discontent of Americans stemmed from disappointment with the ACA for not satisfying their expectations of genuine protection from the burden of costs. Far from wanting to be rid of the ACA, Americans are looking to it to deliver more effective protection.

Interesting throughout.


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