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Cancer survival around the world

An interesting study measuring trends in cancer survival between 2000 and 2014 found, unsurprisingly, that patients in more developed countries had better survival.

For women diagnosed with breast cancer between 2010 and 2014, 5-year survival rates reached 89.5% in Australia and 90.2% in the United States, but generally varied worldwide and remained low in some countries, such as at 66.1% in India.

Southeast Asian countries (e.g., China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan) had among the highest survival rates for gastrointestinal cancers such as stomach, colon and rectum cancers, but fairly low survival for melanoma, lympoid malignancies, and myeloid malignancies.

In comparison, in the United States 5-year survival rates for gastrointestinal cancers were 33.1% for stomach cancer, 64.9% for colon cancer, 64.1% for rectum cancer, 20% for esophageal cancer and 17.4% for liver cancer. Researchers observed 5-year U.S. survival rates of 90.8% for melanoma, 46.7% for lymphoid malignancies and 68.1% for myeloid malignancies.

One key cancer where there has been little progress is pancreatic cancer.  Five year survival rates are than 15% in every country around the world.




  1. Cancer is the most horrible disease. We should to be conscious about health. Health is the most important part of life nothing is more valuable than good health.

  2. Early detection is the key to cure cancer. But many cancer has no symptoms and it’s been too late to find the right treatment. The question is why in the developed countries had better survival rate of cancer?

    Treating cancer are still very expensive and very less people can afford it. Very sad!

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