Are value-based pricing arrangements more common than we thought?

The answer appears to be ‘yes’ according to a survey by Mahendraratnam et al. (2019). After surveying subject matter experts that were senior representatives from payer organizations and pharmaceutical manufacturers on value-based pricing arrangements (VBA), they found:

More than 70% of VBAs implemented between 2014 and 2017 were not publicly disclosed. Furthermore, although consideration of VBAs as a coverage and payment tool is increasing, VBA implementation is relatively low, with manufacturers and payers reporting that approximately 33% and 60% of early dialogues translate into signed VBA contracts, respectively.

In short, VBAs are more common than we thought, but still not that common overall.

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  1. It has been great to have the updates condensed in a 1-3min read. It’d be even more convenient if you could offer the link to the original article so that readers can save 3-5 more clicks and searches for the abstract of the articles. Good work!

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