6 Strategies for Demonstrating the Value of Gene Therapy to Payers

An interesting white paper on how to demonstrated value to payers when examining gene therapies has hit the presses. My colleagues Jeremy Schafer, PhD, and Alexander Grosvenor, PhD have written a guide to help you:

  • Understand the disparities between payer and manufacturer expectations for long-term outcomes
  • Determine which elements of treatment are included in the product cost
  • Shift the dialogue from short-term results to long-term savings
  • Gain 6 strategies to craft a compelling value story for a gene therapy

You can  download the paper anytime. An excerpt is below.

Due to the uncertainty surrounding long-term outcomes, there may be a significant disparity between a payer’s expectations for long-term outcomes and the manufacturer’s expectations. The example of Glybera—and its discontinuation in the EU market—highlights the critical importance of a robust demonstration of benefit. Health technology assessments (HTAs) for Glybera were performed by the pricing and reimbursement agencies in France and Germany, and both agencies found insufficient or unquantifiable benefit to justify reimbursement.

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