Operation Warp Speed for nasal COVID-19 vaccines? End of the airplane mask mandate? How should you think of copay coupons? Does access to affordable housing reduce child abuse? “Increased substance abuse accounts for between 9 and 26 percent of the decline in prime-age labor-force participation between February 2020 and June 2021”


Provider prices: Non-group vs. employer-provided health insurance. Does telehealth work for long-term care? Should health plans exclude “star” hospitals from their network? Sutter wins anti-trust case. Are patients good at price shopping?\ There is no such thing as countries. The future of surfing.

Key questions: Mid-week links

Fair prices→ Fair access? Harmonize HTA? What has California done on drug prices? Do work hours explain the gender pay gap? Does HDHP lead to lower hospital-negotiated prices for childbirth services? Is regret minimization or utility maximization a better decision rule? Does steps per day impact mortality?

No surprise bills?

In a February 10th speech, President Biden wanted to end surprise bills for patients. Specifically he said: No more surprise billing.  No more. In fact, he proposed the No Surprises Act. Key questions you may have include: what is a surprise bill? are there any exceptions to this rule? Kaiser Health News has a nice…