Friday Links

Why selling across state lines won’t work. German healthcare system’s 2009 deficit: €7.5 billion. If private health insurance worked, we wouldn’t need health reform. Swine Flu Death Toll at 10,000. Government-financed, privately-administered healthcare?  Some Americans already have it.

Turkey Links

Some links to tide your over to Turkey Day. House vs. Senate Reform Bills: A graphic comparison. Physician’s cost to interaction with health plan: over $23 billion. Early Detection Does Not Equal Prevention. Daily Lesson Plan: Health Care Reform. Cost/life saved for mammogram under 50: $20 million. Tyler Cowen’s Health Reform Rx. Bucks Diary, a…

Links: California Edition

California’s PPO report card. A tax increase by any other name: California taxpayer’s compulsory interest-free loan to the state. Confusion: Los Angeles marijuana dispensaries face a federal ban, California medical marijuana laws, and now possible city ordinances. 32% fee increase for the University of California system. California hospital prices increased 10.6% per year for private…

Friday Links

“For most of human history, doctors have done more harm than good.” Swine flu news from around the world. What having the H1N1 flu feels like. Quality is a priority for only half of hospital boards. Device companies prohibit hospitals from disclosing prices.

Links: Money and Medical Care

Cost of Health Reform: $894 billion or 1.3 trillion? Why is health care so expensive? Prices. Should urban or rural hospitals get Medicare funds? The efficiency of replacing earnings-related contributions by per-capita health premia in Germany. Start-up costs for health insurance co-operatives: $1.7 billion to $45.6 billion.


Public option?  More competition?  Health care costs go up not matter what.  A history of Group Health Cooperative. Why the cost of lab tests is cheaper in Germany than in France.  A Detailed Report on the Private Healthcare Services Market in Eastern Europe. Hedghog Health Insurance.

Friday Links

Here’s some fun reading to take you into the weekend: Employer-provided family health insurance premiums reach $13,375, a 131% increase over the 1999 levels.  Contracting out medical care in prisons increases mortality. Long wait times in Europe? Not for the highly educated. Optimal level of market power for health insurers. Best and worst state healthcare…

Tuesday Links

Blogger Disclosure Rules. [Don’t worry, the Healthcare Economist does not take any money for endorsements.] Broadway weighs in on health care. Switzerland: universal coverage with private, not-for-profit health insurance companies. $6.6 billion pharmaceutical deal. Problem with many P4P measures: small sample size.