Genetic Adverse Selection

“…individuals who carry the [Huntington Disease] genetic mutation are up to 5 times as likely as the general population to own long-term care insurance…relatively limited increases in genetic information may threaten the viability of private long-term care insurance.” Oster et al. (2009) “Genetic Adverse Selection: Evidence from Long-Term Care Insurance and Huntington Disease” NBER Working…

Quotation of the Day

“A lot of people think government action saved capitalism. It didn’t. Capitalism saved capitalism.   A lot of people think the government didn’t have any plans with regard to Lehman Brothers. It did. The plans just didn’t work.” Tom Junod “The Deal of the Century” Esquire.

Quotation of the Day

“The whole notion that the music industry has been operating under for the last 10, 15 years is that every download represents a lost sale. You know, what has radio been except for a free download?  People want to hear the music first before they invest in it. If it’s good, they’re going to want…

Sunday Quotation

“I mean, a man has to stand for something.” James Woodard, wrongfully convicted of killing his girlfriend 27 years ago, on why he did not lie and admit his guilt during one of the twelve times he came up for parole. The full story is on 60 Minutes.