NHS Constitution

The Telegraph reports that Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) has enacted a constitution.  “[The constitution] will set out the rights and responsibilities for patients and what they can expect from the NHS in the 21st century.  It is being seen by ministers as a chance to reiterate the founding principles of the health service, emphasising…

Sight-saving Charity

An estimated 1.6% of Ethiopia’s the population is blind, with approximately 12% of this blindness caused by trachoma.  Trachoma is a highly infectious disease; it is spread through contact with an infected person’s hands or clothing, or by flies that have come in contact with the discharge from an infected eye or nose.  One good…

Is Obesity a Problem?

There is much evidence that has shown that over time for most developed countries, people have been getting fatter. Obesity rates are especially high in the U.S., but a trend towards increased obesity is similar in most developed countries. Are obesity rates “too high?” In a recent NBER working paper, Philipson and Posner argue that…

High Quality Hospitals Near You

Which hospitals in your areas are considered high quality hospitals?  The NetDoc.com website integrates hospital ratings metrics and Google Maps in a very user friendly way.  Here is a sample for the San Diego. Hat tip to the HealthCare Management Blog.  The blog also has an interesting post on physician rankings.

Kaiser Fast Facts

The Kaiser Fast Facts website is a useful tool for any health researchers who need basic statistical information regarding medical care in the U.S.  The numerous slides filled with information-filled charts and graphs.