Mid-week reading

CBO analysis of the Build Back Better Act. Information frictions helps explain why there isn’t more behavioral response to government interventions. Wealth = networks, not assets. Impact of same sex legalization on mental health. Patient selection in CJR.

Cato supports public option?

A white paper from Cannon and Pohida (2021) calls for applying “public option principles” to Medicare. Who would have thought that the Cato Institute would call for a public option? Well in fact, the do not really call for a public option. The proposal should be called introducing a voucher system into Medicare. Under the…

Weekend Reading

Here are some questions to get your weekend reading started. Can Yelp predict hospital mortality? Can AI solve a radiologist shortage in the UK? How do we get the LA/Long Beach port back up and running? Why is CMS in Baltimore rather than DC? What to do when you’re down to your last diaper?

CMMI and its revised strategy

Created by Section 3021 of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI; aka The CMS Innovation Center) has been tasked with creating new reimbursement strategies to improve quality and decrease costs. Over the past decade, CMMI has tested over 50 new payment models, and in just the last 3…