AI and healthcare spending. Referral incentives for TB screening. A better measure of population density. IVI: “No value without equity” Medicaid’s multi-generational health benefit. How do people use ‘work from home’ time savings?

Health insurance: Incentivizing overspending or fueling innovation?

Based on a study by Frankovic and Kuhn (2022), the answer is both. However, the value of increased innovation–as measured through longevity gains–more than offset inefficiencies from overspending. Specifically, the authors use an overlapping generations model where individuals can purchase health insurance and medical progress depends on health care sector return on investment. The authors…

FDA’s 2022 Drug Approvals

The year 2022 was a good, but perhaps not great year for innovation. According to the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research’s (CDER) New Drug Therapy Approvals 2022 report, there were 37 novel drugs approved in 2022. This number is down from the historical rate of approvals between 2013-2021 (43.4 approvals per year) and…

Friday Links

HESG Winter 2023. Use AI to search books…with source material! Is ChatGPT left or right-wing? Dr. Smartphone. UK ‘Netflix’ payment model for antibacterials. Managed Care Year-End Recap.