Friday Links

Why is NIH funding small trials? (there’s a good reason!) First bird flu death in humans. Employee responses to CEO activism. How rich were the rich? ‘Hot hand’ and fantasy baseball.

Time is money in drug development

Delays in drug approvals cost pharmaceutical firms money. These costs include both lost sales as well as additional cost if clinical trials need to span a longer duration. While these facts are not in doubt, a key question is how much do delays in approval cost firms? A paper by Smith, DiMasi and Getz (2024)…

Cost–effectiveness of sotagliflozin for the treatment of patients with diabetes and recent worsening heart failure

That is the title of my article with Jaehong Kim, Shanshan Wang and Slaven Sikirica in the Journal of Comparative Effectiveness Research. The abstract is below. Aim: To assesses the cost–effectiveness of sotagliflozin for the treatment of patients hospitalized with heart failure and comorbid diabetes.  Materials & methods: A de novo cost–effectiveness model with a Markov structure was created…


South Park on the American health care system Social science genomics. Blood donation or high interest loan? Cost doesn’t equal quality (1, 2, 3) Will the market accept cell therapies?

VA News on Memorial Day

As I do every Memorial Day, I highlight some recent news about the health care system serving our veterans, Veterans Affairs (VA). First off, VA is starting to use social determinants of health, and health-related social needs when conducting hospital discharge planning. VA deputy assistant IG Julie Kroviak: “…there’s a citation in the report where…