Three parent baby? Area Deprivation Index only reflects median home price?  Organ on a chip? Using the “uptrend effect” to increase rates of exercise.  Cognitive activity at work and the risk of dementia

Healthcare Economist on Marketplace

What are the economic consequences of the updated USPSTF recommendations to move the age for annual breast cancer screening to age 40? I was interviewed at NPR’s Marketplace Morning Report today (May 11, 2023) to help answer the question. You can listen to the episode here (the segment on breast cancer screening starts at 5:32).…

Quotations of the Day: ISPOR Edition

As heard at ISPOR 2023 in Boston: On high US drug prices: “My hope as a European is that US never gets its health system in order.” And his Yoda-like pronouncement: “Affordability is important; but value is critical” Michael Drummond HT: Peter Neumann. See also Dr. Neumann’s ISPOR recap thread

European Union Pharmaceutical Package: A Summary

Today I’m turning this post over to some of my FTI colleagues in Europe (Antoine Mialhe, Katja Murray and Valeria Fagone among others) who helped summarize the Reform of the EU pharmaceutical legislation that the European Union (EU) adopted on April 26, 2023. The summary below is provided by the FTI Consulting team in Brussels…

ISPOR 2023

If you’re attending the ISPOR 2023 conference in Boston, MA please feel free to come by view some of my research. This includes the following: Podium Presentation #108: Economic Evaluations of Rare Diseases: “Quantifying the Insurance and Altruism Value for Rare Diseases: A Case Study for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy”. Jason Shafrin will be presenting this work as…


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