Evaluating the robustness of CMS Hospital VBP measurement system. ICER’s gene therapy evaluations. Who are high-frequency hospital users? EHR and malpractice. What is Evio? Has in vivo gene editing come of age?

Intellectual Property Rights and Innovation

That is the title of a 2016 NBER chapter by Heidi Williams and the subtitle is “Evidence from Health Care Markets“. Economic theory back to Nordhaus (1969) predicts that intellectual property rights increase the incentive for firms to invest in research and development and likely this would lead to more innovation. Proving these empirically, however,…


Why the FDA approved aducanumab.  How to report changes in clinical trial protocols due to COVID-19 (CONSERVE) Democrats eye Medicare and Medicaid expansions. ACA and biosimilars. The challenges of improving quality of care. Native Americans and health equity.

Wall Street Journal’s Global Food Forum

I will be on a panel tomorrow for the Wall Street Journal‘s Global Food Forum. My panel will include and Hakim Bouzamondo (Divisional VP, Global Research and Development, Nutrition at Abbott) and Dr. Leah Gramlich, (Gastroenterologist and Physician Nutrition Specialist at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Alberta Canada) as well as myself. This discussion will…