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Job security and health: An asymmetric impact

COVID-19 has increased job insecurity for many workers around the world. At the same time, after vaccinations, job growth is slowly coming back. Will increased job security undo deleterious impacts of previous job insecurity worries?

An interesting finding from Lepinteur (2021) weighs in on the topic:

Is workers’ health more sensitive to losses than gains in job security? I address this question using the 1999 rise in the French Delalande tax as a quasi-natural experiment. The tax design allows to separately identify the causal impact of exogenous gains and losses in job security on workers’ health. Difference-in-differences estimation results show that a greater job insecurity reduces significantly self-reported health. At the same time, more job security does not translate into a higher level of self-reported health.

Read the whole article in Health Economics here.

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