FDA speeds up drug approvals.  Murder rate in Brazil. Is price transparency a good thing for employers? “Performance measures contribute little to physician compensation irrespective of ACO participation.” CAR-T: “hospitals lose $300,000 for every patient treated” Is AI overpromising and underdelivering?

The Grossman model

The central proposition of the Grossman model (Grossman 1972) is that health can be viewed as a durable capital stock that produces an output of healthy time. It is assumed that individuals inherit an initial stock of health that depreciates with age and can be increased by investment. The model is similar to human capital…

Urban-Rural Definitions

How do you define if an area is rural? A paper by Bennett et al. (2019) provides some options. Population density. This is one of the simplest approaches and can be applied to any geographic unit. However, it may be problematic for geographic units with a mix of urban and rural sections. MSA-based. The Office…

December Links

Medicaid reimbursement access and health outcomes. Where to move to in old age. The cost of Alzheimer’s to Medicaid managed care. The impact of the soda tax. Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program performance explained: “74.3% to 86.5% of the improvement in ERRs [excess readmission ratio] for penalized hospitals was explained by RTM [regression to the mean].”