Friday Links

HESG Winter 2023. Use AI to search books…with source material! Is ChatGPT left or right-wing? Dr. Smartphone. UK ‘Netflix’ payment model for antibacterials. Managed Care Year-End Recap.

Quotation of the Day: The cost of low numeracy

A recent report stated that the cost of adult low numeracy ‘can be counted in lost earnings — the £25 billion…would be added to our collective pay packets if numeracy skills could be levelled up’. That is about £1700 per person per annum.,, A large-scale study of adults with colorectal cancer in the UK and…


Social return on investment. Economic impact of health inequity. CDC’s $3 billion investment. 2022 AEA Awards. Health Affairs: top podcasts of 2022.

The evolution of PBMs over the past 2 decades

A ViewPoint by Richman and Adashi in JAMA this week provides a nice overview of the pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) marketplaces as well as some considerations for the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to consider.  Below I summarize some of the developments in the PBM market in recent decades. Of particular note is that PBMs have…


Options for CMS price negotiation. Magic mushroom medicine. CBO’s options for reducing provider reimbursement. Orthopedic surgeons and private equity. New Alzheimer’s drug. Value-based payment and US health spending.