Biden’s Executive Order on Promoting Competition in the American Economy: What does it say about health care?

Last Friday, President Biden released an executive order titled “Promoting Competition in the American Economy” While the order talk about transportation, internet companies, and farming, there were a number of provisions related to health care. I summarize each of these below. Specifically I review OTC hearing aids. Currently, many patients need to visit a doctor…


Administrative simplicity vs. single payer. 340B case heads to the Supreme Court. Marketing and mammograms NY ends state of emergency: what happens to out-of-state licensed health care professionals? Key facts on the Delta Variant.

COVID-19 in California: An update

A few updates on COVID-19 from where I am living. First while we see a dramatic decline in COVID-19 infections and deaths, there is a fair amount of regional variation within California. The Sacramento Bee reports that: The average number of new COVID infections reported each day dropped by an astounding 98% from December to…


Evaluating the robustness of CMS Hospital VBP measurement system. ICER’s gene therapy evaluations. Who are high-frequency hospital users? EHR and malpractice. What is Evio? Has in vivo gene editing come of age?


Why the FDA approved aducanumab.  How to report changes in clinical trial protocols due to COVID-19 (CONSERVE) Democrats eye Medicare and Medicaid expansions. ACA and biosimilars. The challenges of improving quality of care. Native Americans and health equity.