Quotation of the Day

A great conversation is between two people who think the other is wrong. A bad conversation is between those who think something is wrong with you. Micah Goodman, as written in David Brooks’ book How to Know a Person

Quotation of the Day: On travel

Such are the prosaic problems of the modern traveller. The transport part takes no time at all these days; it is the bureaucracy that is interminable. We are constantly being told that we live in a world without borders, in a globalized age, but only if you have the right passport and the right papers.…

Quotation of the Day

We ought not be ashamed of appreciating the truth and of acquiring it wherever it comes from, even if it comes from races distant and nations different from us. For the seeker of truth, nothing takes precedence over the truth, and there is no disparagement of the truth, nor belittling either of him who speaks…

Quotations of the Day: ISPOR Edition

As heard at ISPOR 2023 in Boston: On high US drug prices: “My hope as a European is that US never gets its health system in order.” And his Yoda-like pronouncement: “Affordability is important; but value is critical” Michael Drummond HT: Peter Neumann. See also Dr. Neumann’s ISPOR recap thread