Health Care in Developing Nations

Where there is no doctor

Interested in the medical field but not a doctor?  Looking to help those in developing countries who are live without access to a physician?  A great resource to use is Where there is no doctor, a classic text published by Hesperian Books.  I recently bought a copy in Spanish (Donde no hay doctor) while I was in El Salvador and the book is spectacular.  Diseases, symptoms and treatments are described thoroughly but simply; pictures abound to help clarify the narration.  Dr. David Morley called it “The best medical book written in the last 10 years…”  One customer from Malawi stated that:

“Everything and anything you need to know about healthcare. We live in the heart of Africa where there are no doctors, and mysterious illnesses and bacteria keep popping up. Since we have this book there is much less cause for worry. Don’t leave home without it!”

Unlike most the publishers of most reference guides, the Hesperian Books encourages individuals to copy relevant sections of the book and distribute them to needy communities as long as the material is provided at no cost.  Since the book has been translated into over 70 languages, literate populations in developing countries now have a resource to educate themselves on their own healthcare needs.

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