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Mapping the Majority

How many people in Mexico have access to the Internet in their home?  What proportion of the Domincan Republic’s poorest fifth of citizens has access to sanitation service?  What proporation of the richest 10% of people in El Salvador have access to electricity?  In Chile, how many people own their home? [Answers below]

If you are interested in any of these types of questions, the Inter-American Development Bank has an interesting web-page for you to examine.   The Mapping the Majority application (also en espanol) is a “socioeconomic atlas for Latin America and the Carribean.”  These easy to access statistics are interesting if you ever need to do basic research on any Latin American country.  Another good source for background information and statistics for a variety of countries is the CIA World Factbook.

Answers: Mexico (Internet) 7.4%; DR (Sanitiation – poorest 20%) 33.95%; El Salvador (Electricity richest 10%) 99%; Chile (Home ownership) 72.24%