Looking at healthcare…health care…health-care????

Healthcare Economist.  Why not Health Care Economist?  Or Health-care Economist?  Which one is correct?

The Chicago Manual of Style webpage offers a discussion of the issue.  The site claims that ‘health care’ is the correct spelling according to Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, eleventh edition.  One individual, however, writes to the website saying:

“I find in my American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language (my favorite) that healthcare, without the hyphen, is the second spelling for the noun form of the word. Health care and health-care are listed as the spellings for the adjectival form of the word.”

Although it seems that ‘Health Care Economist’ may be more grammatically correct since I use the word as an adjective, I am going to rebel from the status quo and stick with Healthcare Economist.  My apologies to grammar experts everywhere.