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Solving California’s Water Shortage

Forbes reports that “California is perpetually portrayed as suffering from a shortage of water. Case in point: Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger recently declared a statewide drought, telling citizens to prepare for rationing.”  As any economist would tell you, the solution to the water shortage problem is simple: raise the price of water.

The largest culprits of receiving subsidized water are California farmers.  As the San Francisco Chronicle reports (“Big Farms…“), some farm districts received water at a price which was 2% of price paid by Los Angeles residents.

Creating a market for water free of government subsidies will eliminate water shortages in California.


  1. Someone should expose the secret water diversion taking place. Fresno Mayor Alan Autry’s Dept. of Public Works is conspiring with a former city employee, WGS, in one of the most heinous and barbaric operations in history. Annihilating residents in order to vacate property to pull this off. Upon being caught, Autry had his people issue a R.O. against me, committing perjury to discredit their own records which verify EXACTLY what they are doing. Death threats followed if I continue to report this.
    FYI: I was previously employed by WGS – for 25 yrs I heard of his secret sideline that entailed water diversion for future development – he boasted how brave he was to break laws and override city planning. But I did not believe any of it until catching him and the Dept. of Public Works in action.

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