NFL Season Begins

The NFL season began yesterday.  To celebrate, here are three football related links:

Football and Randomness

Two quarterbacks?  Six eligible receivers?  An undermanned California high school football teamed use the untraditional A-11 formation to win 7 of 11 games.  The key?

“In a standard formation with five fixed linemen, a play can unfold with 36 different scenarios for who receives the snap and who ends up with the ball—including a quarterback sneak. In the A-11 offense, because the receivers and linemen (and even quarterbacks) are interchangeable, the number of different possibilities for what can happen on a given play skyrockets to 16,632.

Virtual Rehabilitation

Wireless motion sensors are being used to help football players recuperate from injuries.

The technology works somewhat like Nintendo’s Wii Fit in that it is able to track motion. A physical therapystroke victim wears a small, wireless sensor near the joint or muscle group being rehabilitated. Software guides the user through an exercise program, measures their range of motion and provides instant feedback on his or her rehab progress.

Favre Getting that Retirement Itch Again

The Onion provides its always hilarious commentary about the Brett Favre saga:

Although veteran Jets quarterback Brett Favre claims he still loves the game, dwindling enthusiasm and a desire to bow out while on top has him contemplating retirement again, Favre confirmed Monday.

“I always told myself I’d know when it was time to walk away,” the guaranteed first-ballot Hall of Famer told reporters at the Jets practice facility. “But after 17 or 18, you know, practices as the quarterback of this team, I’m just tired, mentally and physically.”