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What makes patients choose your hospital?

Patients choose hospitals based on the quality of the medical care they receive and the hospital’s distance from their home.  But what nonclinical criteria do patients value most?  The Salud y Gestión blog reviews the findings of a study in The McKinsey Quarterly.  The study found that patients rank the following as the most important nonclinical criteria influencing their hospital choice.

  1. Keeping patients informed about treatment both during and after visit (77%)
  2. Conducting Scheduled appointments on time (75%)
  3. Room appearance (66%)
  4. Ease of scheduling appointments (64%)
  5. Food and entertainment options in room (63%)
  6. Value for the money (62%)

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  1. I think people often choose their health care facility based upon personal recommendations. I have heard a lot of times people, especialy women, ask where they had their baby and if they liked it there. They often ask if they liked the doctor who performed the service.

    I think the survey is a little biased by the fact that people want to respond intelligently so they respond with the optimal answer. Plus, what parent would say that they willingly chose a less qualified care center.

    The factors they list are important, but there are important social factors that affect their decisions too.

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