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Bright young Economists

The Economist magazine has a listing of the eight up-and-coming economists.  Below is a list of their names and some commentary if applicable.

  • Amy Finkelstein.  Dr. Finkelstein researches in the public and health economics fields.  I have featured here work multiple times on this blog (see here, here, here, here and here).
  • Jesse Shapiro.  I met Dr. Shapiro at an IHS conference last spring and have been very impressed with his work.  Some of Dr. Shapiro’s research findings include: harsher jail conditions do nothing to deter prisoners from reoffending and that preschoolers who watch television do better academically than children who don’t.
  • Esther Duflo.  Dr. Duflo is a well known development economist whose work involves randomized interventions. For instance, she found that giving away 1 kg of daal (lentils) when parents take their kids to be immunized greatly improved immunization rates compared to the control group not given the daal.
  • Roland Fryer – Social Economics, the Economics of Affirmative Action/Racism.
  • Raj Chetty – Public Economics, Taxation.
  • Iván Werning – Macroeconomics.
  • Xavier Gabaix – Behavioral Economics, Asset pricing.
  • Marc Melitz – Trade Economics.

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