More Google Innovations

Google now has a website in Beta called Knol.  Knol basically has a bunch of user responses to ‘how-to’ questions.  The winner of a Google contest for the best knol was how to “Talk to Your Doctor” by Dr. Jennifer Frank.  The article gives a list of things to bring to a doctor’s visit, such as:

  1. All of your medications in the bottles.  Include over-the-counter medications that you take weekly (or more often).  
  2. Old medical records from previous doctors, including things like previous mammograms or EKGs.
  3. A list of what you want to accomplish at the visit.
  4. A list of any questions or concerns you have.
  5. Your immunization record.
  6. A friend, spouse, or family member if you anticipate that the visit will bring up complex or difficult issues.  Someone else being present can help remind you to ask all the questions you wanted to ask and can help you remember what the doctor said when you get home.
  7. A good book or your iPod – in case the doctor keeps you waiting!

Dr. Frank offers other helpful advise as well.

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