Lessons from high school: How to steal drugs from a hospital

The Denver Post has an interesting article about employee theft of drugs from hospitals. Stealing from a hospital is not easy:

Hospitals guard drugs carefully, requiring staffers to use individual codes or even fingerprints to unlock cabinets where drugs are stored. At Rose [Medical Center], an electronic system tracks narcotics from the time they arrive at the hospital until they are thrown away. The hospital also conducts a daily reconciliation of every drug used.”

So how do hospital employees get away with this theft? Easy, they used lessons from their teenage years:

  • To Steal liquor from your parents liquor cabinet, simply drink the liquor and refill the bottles with water: “A surgical nurse at Boulder Community Hospital, has pleaded guilty to stealing large amounts of fetanyl and refilling vials with water.”
  • To get out of class, write yourself a fake permission slip: “A Milliken hospice nurse was accused of writing forged prescriptions for more than 4,000 pain pills.

Who said no one ever learned anything in high school.

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