The American Forty Years War

The U.S. is currently involved with wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but its longest running entanglement is its war on drugs.  Marketplace reports that “the war on drugs, though, has been going on for four decades. Forty years ago today President Nixon asked Congress to create a national anti-drug policy. It became the war on drugs in this speech two years later.”

Over this time period, the U.S. has spent $500 billion.  Instead of using this money to help addicts kick the habit and to educate kids about the evils of drugs use, the U.S. has been fighting  a counterproductive military cold war with drug gangs.  Rolling Stone national affairs correspondent Ben Wallace-Wells reports that, “We spend about two-thirds on buying, you know, fun toys for the Mexican and Colombian militaries and other measures — and that’s a number that’s been rising.”

Public service ads may provide insight of when we should give up the fight against the importation and sale of drugs: “Know when to say when.”

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  1. We are willing to spend money on educating people about prevention of STDs. But when it comes to drug, we have opposite concept. However, for the only education to work, we will need to do social restructuring. Which in our society is not possible. We have taken away the tools from parents in spending time with the kids, and in affecting life.

    If you have to work 10-14 hrs, there is only so much you can do for the family…. 10-14 hrs of work is not going away.


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