Oakland’s Creative Revenue Generator

California is known for beautiful beaches, Hollywood, and sublime parks.  In this post, however, I will discuss two other things for which California has recently become famous.  

  • Marijuana.  Here in California, medical marijuana is legal.  Based on my unscientific of pedestrians on a variety of U.S. regions, northern California also has the most lax enforcement of marijuana laws.  
  • Deficits.  California’s current deficit has lead to rumors of bankruptcy.  The University of California system is in a half a billion dollar hole.  Revenue shortfalls have forced California to close enrollment to its SCHIP program called Healthy Families.

In order to solve the problem of deficits, Oakland has decided to rely on marijuana to help solve its deficit problem.  Oakland has decided to institute a tax on medical marijuana.  The plan should raise about $300,000 to Oakland’s coffers.

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