Health Insurance

Krugman v. Cowen

Can Markets cure healthcare?

Is adverse selection a problem?


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  2. Cowen is really being disingenuous here. He doesn’t have to go to Latin America, he can find rich people in the US with good health care, Krugman said “systems” ie., he’s concerned about everyone. Cowen has about as much concern for others here as Ayn Rand.

    I’m not sure where Cowen’s coming up with his numbers about health, but since old people in the US have Medicare, I would think that would skew the data. A lot of young males don’t have health care, and they are healthier that the typical old person, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want it. When I was a young male, I remember being concerned about getting into an accident and not being able to pay. For young males, the problem is they wind up subsidizing everyone else and can’t afford to.

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