Out of Office Message

Today marks my last blog post as Jason Shafrin, the single, avant garde Healthcare Economist.  Yesterday I was lucky enough to marry a beautiful, intelligent, creative woman that will make me happy the rest of my life.  We are heading off on a 12 day honeymoon on Tuesday.  Blog posting will resume on Monday, August 17.  Upon my return, the new lead editor will be: Jason Shafrin, the married, avant garde Healthcare Economist.


  1. I take it you have married a wonderful WOMAN; however, your entry says WOMEN. Therefore I am assuming you were either in a terrific hurry to get on that honeymoon, or you have already had your first misunderstanding as a married couple. Congrats on the nuptials!

  2. Congratulations and best of luck in your next phase of life. Looking forward to your future articles ( as the married health economist of course 🙂 )

  3. You can’t succeed when you turn commercial Health Insurance products into social tools. It just gridlocks trading of certain goods and services and ruins that economic sector which then trickles to the rest of the economy.

    If Obama wants to insure more people then put them on some kind of medicaid paid by other cuts or at worst case by increasing taxes. But forcing Insurance companies to accept preexisting conditions is nuts. It’s like forcing GM to give away every 10th car for free to someone who can’t afford it. Accepting preexisting conditions is not “Insurance”. Insurance is supposed to spread risk where many people pay for the few who happen to “get” sick. Forcing a healthy person to pay a sick persons health bills by forcing Ins. companies to accept them which in turn forces the Ins. company to raise premiums is sick economics.

    And by Obama trying to sell it as a health care overhaul is a lie. By Obama saying it will help the economy is a damn lie. By “showing” statistics are on his side that’s a scam.

    In the short term some people will be getting something for nothing and be happy. In the long term these same people will be losing the most. The same way the Soviet Union helped their needy. It was all about self serving lies.

    Everybody please post this and other good posts all over the internet to stop this health mess from hitting our shores.

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