Weekend Links

Thirdhand Smoke and treating PTSD with Tetris. Eastern European healthcare market roundup. Swine flu vaccine for children recalled for potency drop. One of the clearest, most concise explanations of what went wrong during the mortgage meltdown. HIV microbicides?  Too bad they don’t work.

Scrubs’ advice to Residents

“Medicine is, well, it’s a dead career.” “Thanks to insurance companies and malpractice lawyers, you have absolutely no hope of finding a rewarding or satisfying profession in this once noble field.” “You are all murderers and assassins that have been sent here to try to kill my patients.” Dr. Cox, Scrubs Sitcom.

Mid-Week Links + CoR

The latest edition of the Cavalcade of Risk is up at My Wealth Builder.  Below are more links of interest.  Are we winning the war on cancer? Red Cross is $200 million in debt. Physicians paid on a non-fee-for-service basis conduct 15-31% fewer patient visits per week. Between 2002 and 2009, California employer-based premiums increased 117.5%. The incredible disappearing…

Medicare Oversight

One problem with any government-run health insurance program is that politicians have an incentive to make decisions that are attractive to small, wealthy, cohesive constituencies, rather than for the greater good.  For instance, although CMS administrator tried to stem the tide of rising physician costs, Congress has repeatedly reinstated the physician raises.  The following three…