Health Care Around the World

International Healthcare Models: An Introduction

In the past, I have reviewed the healthcare systems of a variety of countries in my Health Care Around the World series.  This week, I will revisit the healthcare systems of a number of these countries using a new source.  The source is Comprehensive Healthcare for the U.S.: An Idealized Model by William F. Roth.  Overall, this book attempts to construct an idealized model for the U.S. taking the best aspects from health care in other countries.  Although this is a fun exercise, it is completely inpracticable.  There are a lot of aspects of the U.S. system which are far from ideal, but a realistic way to improve the current American system would be to build on the existing infrastructure rather than attempting to rebuild the system from scratch.

The most interesting part of the book is not who Dr. Roth attempts to redesign the healthcare system, rather it is his discussion of the healthcare systems around the world.  Dr. Roth’s review are not comprehensive, but rather they highlight some of the more interesting aspects of each country’s healthcare system.  Using this book as a source, I will review how health care is delivered in the following countries:

Source: Roth, WF (2010) Comprehensive Healthcare for the U.S.: An Idealized Model. Productivity Press, 174 pages.


  1. I wish you would also add in Taiwan as their system has much to consider.

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