International Healthcare Models: Italy

Here is my earlier review of Italy’s healthcare system. ¬†Below is more information.


  • Physicians can treat patients in both the public and private sector.
  • Citizens must enroll with a GP, but can choose their own doctor.
  • Initial training requires 6 years with a dissertation required for completion. After that students can practice as GPs or study another 3-5 years to specialize.
  • The government determines the number of GP slots each year, and competitive tests determine who gets these slots.
  • Physician ratio: 1:2000


  • Locally administered.
  • Guardia Medica: over 3000 stations that provide around the clock emergency services.


  • Federal and regional taxes support the healthcare system.
  • The National Solidarity Fund allows the central government can transfer funds from regions showing a surplus to those with a deficit.

Source: Roth, WF (2010) Comprehensive Healthcare for the U.S.: An Idealized Model. Productivity Press, 174 pages.


  1. France has a ratio of 1:330 ? Compared to Germany and Italy that’s a big difference. Are you sure that’s correct?

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