Cavalcade of Risk #120: Pick Your Poison Edition

If you are searching for the best writing on risk, you’ve come to the right place.  In this edition of the Cavalcade or Risk, we’ve got experts in all types of insurance (health, workers’ comp, life, long-term care…even pet), healthy policy, credit risk, and much more. How you enjoy this edition of the CoR, however, will depend on your risk preferences.

For the risk lovers, I list below the eleven blog posts that made the cut into this edition of the Cavalcade or Risk. They are ordered alphabetically by topic. Thus, clicking on any link, you will not be sure if you are getting high quality post or just a solid one.   The choice is up to you.

For my risk averse readers, I have a separate section after the jump.  In this section, I not only include a brief explanation describing the contents of each post and its author, but I have also ranked the articles.

Which leaves us with only one question: are you risk loving or risk averse?

For Risk Lovers

For the Risk Averse

  1. What are the odds that wealthy Americans face barriers to access health care? According to Colorado Health Insurance Insider people with above-average incomes in the US were more likely to report a cost-based barrier to obtaining health care than people with below-average incomes in seven of the eleven countries in the survey.
  2. Is standardizing insurance benefits a good thing? moneyblog examines whether the Association of British Insurers’ plan to standardize the wordings of Total and Permanent Disablement Benefits (a common rider to life insurance policies) is a positive or negative trend for the industry.
  3. Does obesity really increase your risk of death? Yes, but The Disease Management Care Blog says “Fear Not, It’s Not That Bad”
  4. Can a bartender get tennis elbow? Workers’ Comp Insider offers a lesson in both bartender health risks and fancy cocktail trends in a post cleverly titled All Shook Up.
  5. Is the FDA getting tough? The FDAzilla Blog notes that the Food and Drug Administration wants to prosecute pharma and device execs engaging in off-label marketing with up to a year in jail + $100,000 fines.
  6. Is life insurance really worth it when the risk of dying in the long run is 100%? InsureBlog, using some touching anecdotes, demonstrates how life insurance is in fact a great risk management tool.
  7. Should you think about buying long-term care insurance? You should consider it.  According to Free Money Finance, long-term care costs may reach seven-figures in the not so distant future.
  8. What are the chances that a potential employee with a low credit score will be a reliable worker? weighs in on whether your business should conduct background checks on worker credit…and whether this act could land you in court.
  9. How prevalent are errors in medical research? Healthcare Economist profiles Dr. John Ioannidis.
  10. Should you insure yourself against the risk your favorite pet falls ill and requires medical care? The Canadian Finance Blog answers why pet insurance is insurance you can do without.
  11. Did you know that you can no longer use Health Savings Account (HSA) funds to buy over the counter drugs? Go to Christian PF to find more helpful tips on HSAs.

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