State Health Reform in California

Health Reform made a number of changes for State’s health care policies. But states themselves have also been enacting legislation to alter health care payment policies and regulations. The CHCF describes some examples of legislative changes in California:

  • Safety Net Care Pool (SNCP) – covers uncompensated costs in public hospitals and finances other state health care programs.  This Section 1115 Waiver designated California public hospitals (including University of California hospitals) continue to able to draw down funding from the SNCP for uncompensated care through their own expenditures.
  • Low Income Health Program (LIHP) provides Medi-Cal Coverage to uninsured adults under 200% of the federal poverty line.  This initiative is basically an early-stage implementation Medicaid expansions required by Health Reform.
  • Delivery System Incentive Reform Payments (DSIRP) support infrastructure development and redesign in public hospitals.  Examples of initiatives covered by DSIRP include telemedicine and improved interpretation services.


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