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Patient Centered Medical Home: Is your doctor ready?

The answer is probably not.  The NCQA defines 149 factors which would make a practice a successful medical home.  These include physician access during and after office hours, electronic access to patients information, availability of clinical data and use of that data for population management, identification of high risk patients, ability to refer patients to available community resources, care coordinate, and quality measure tracking.

As recent Health Economics articles finds that almost half of physician practices fail to meet the NCQA’s medical home standards.  Specifically,

Forty-six percent…of all practices lack sufficient medical home infrastructure. While 72.3 percent…of multi-specialty groups would achieve recognition, only 49.8 percent…of solo/partnership practices meet NCQA standards. Although better prepared than specialists, 40 percent of primary care practices would not qualify as a medical home under present criteria.


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  1. NCQA accreditation is extremely important when choosing a clinic and doctor. As an organization we understand this and recently the National Committee for Quality Assurance NCQA designated all 25 Family Physicians Group clinics as Level 3 recognized practices, the first and only recognized PCMH in Central Florida. It was a long process and total team effort, but a natural fit for our organization.Family Physicians Group

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