Health Wonk Review: Jeopardy Edition

Do you watch Jeopardy?  Have you ever played the game 20 questions?  Or Trival Pursuit?  Either way, if you like questions, this is the perfect Health Wonk Review for you.

  1. Can you summarize the U.S. health care debate into five bullet points?  Disease Management Care Blog can.
  2. Will Obamacare increase or decrease entrepreneurship?  The Health Business Blog thinks the former.
  3. Will Obamacare make the health care system more complex or simplify it?  Health Access Blog thinks the latter.
  4. Will Obamacare increase or decrease the price of health insurance?  Health thinks the latter.
  5. Will Obamacare reduce the gap between the uninsurance rates of whites and minorities?  Wright on Health thinks the answer is yes.  Colorado Health Insurance Insider agrees.
  6. Why didn’t Obamacare produce huge rate hikes?  California Healthline says narrow networks is the answer.
  7. Why is Obamacare so unpopular? The Healthcare Economist provides an answer.
  8. Should you side with a young girl fighting for a chance at a lung transplant or HHS?  InsureBlog sides with the latter.
  9. Will immigrants harm Medicare’s fiscal solvency?  Health Affairs Blog argues that the answer is no.
  10. How reduce the risk of on the job injuries for firefighters?  Workers’ Comp Insider Investigates.
  11. Health Care Renewal wonders how a drug company can plead guilty, but no one is held responsible?



  1. I’ll take “Outstanding Jobs” for $1000, ALex


    Thanks so much for hosting, and for including our post!!

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