Health issues and occupational hazards plague Santa

A commentary article by Straube and Fan (2015) in the Journal of Occupational Medicine and Toxicology finds that Santa Claus faces serious health problems both at home and at work.

The commentary points out transportation issues Santa Claus faces on delivery night, such as the lack of seatbelts and airbags, and whether or not Rudolph’s nose provides sufficient light to function as a beacon for other aircraft.It also questions the age-old tradition of leaving Santa Claus “a cup of brandy” and whether or not he should be operating the sleigh at the end of the long night.

Also of concern for Santa Claus are his chronic issues — obesity and smoking habit among them- that led to his poor cardiovascular health.  Although no one knows his exact age, Saint Nicholas is not getting any younger and the overtime hours, jet lag and tight workplace quarters must get to him.

On a more serious note, wishing all my loyal readers a happy holiday season and a year full of much health and prosperity.

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