Healthcare Economist celebrates 10 year anniversary

On January 19, 2006, I started blogging with this post.  You could say that it was my “Hello World!” post. In ten years, a lot has changed.

On a personal note, I got a PhD at UC-San Diego, began work at Acumen, and have moved on to Precision Health Economics.  I moved all around California: from San Diego to San Francisco to Los Angeles. I got married to the most amazing woman in the world and was blessed to have an equally amazing daughter.

As a nation, we’ve seen 10 state of the union addresses (see my comments on each one). The Affordable Care Act passed and dramatically changed the health care landscape (see Obamacare Overview).  More people have health insurance, but health care cost per capita continues to rise.  Innovation is all around us including in new cancer treatments, digital medicine, robotic surgery, but society increasingly demands that these innovations demonstrate that the health benefits that they provide are worth the cost.

Throughout the past 10 years, I’ve kept you up to date on all these happenings.  Some of your favorite posts I have highlighted below. My most popular posts of the last 10 years included:

The top post of 2015 was “What is MIPS?” which describes Medicare’s planned Merit-Based Payment Incentive System which will change how physicians are reimbursed by Medicare.

Besides my blog, I’ve published a bunch of articles in peer-reviewed sources as well.  Although all these papers focus on health economics, there is a wide variety of topics within this genre.  Here is my full list of publications.  The most cited ones are:

In 2015 I published three new articles as well:

People in 228 countries have checked out Healthcare Economist, with the most users coming from the following countries:

  • U.S.: 1,097,443 (77.8%)
  • UK: 45,689 (3.4%)
  • Canada: 37,670 (2.7%)
  • India: 26,130 (1.8%)
  • Germany: 13,649 (1.0%)
  • Australia: 12,409 (0.9%)
  • Singapore:11,156 (0.8%)
  • Netherlands: 8,879 (0.6%)
  • Phillipines 8,102(0.6%)
  • France: 7,719 (0.5%)

I hope this blog has been as fun for you to read as it has for me to write.  I’m not sure what the next ten years will bring, but the last ten years have been a blast.  Thank you for sharing it with me.

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